Recent Graduates


Alex Krolewski



research interests: cosmology, galaxy formation and evolution, quasars

Research Interests

I work with Martin White and Simone Ferraro, primarily on constraining cosmology from CMB lensing cross-correlations.  With the highest-significance detection of galaxy-CMB lensing cross-correlation to date (using infrared galaxies from the WISE survey), we aim to constrain sigma8, omega_matter, and the growth of structure.  I have also worked on the thermal Sunyaev-Zel’dovich effect from quasar host halos; alignments between low-redshift galaxies and filaments; detecting voids in the z~2.5 Lyman-alpha forest with the CLAMATO survey; and detecting galaxy-filament alignments at z~2.5 with IGM tomography.


You can find a list of my publications here.