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I'm Lawrence Graduate Fellow at UC Berkeley focused on connecting low and high redshift observations to learn about extreme star formation in the early Uiverse. I use state of the art stellar population synthesis modeling and bayesian fitting techniques applied to local group Globular Clusters to turn back the clock and learn about their formation. Meanwhile, I'm investigating extremely compact (<100pc) lensed sources at z>2 (less than 3 billion years after the big bang), using spectroscopy with the Keck telescopes. By combining these two avenues, I hope to place globular clusters in a cosmological context and shed light on their currently mysterious origins.

I am also incredibly interested in science communication and public outreach. To that end, I lead a crowdfunding campaign to fund developement of Virtual Reality demos aimed at communicating astronomy to the public. To see some of our demos check out Berkeley's monthly Astro Nights (restarting April 2019). 


The MOSDEF Survey

Keck I open for business - Image Credit: Ethan Tweedie

The MOSFIRE Deep Evolution Field (MOSDEF) survey is a large multi-year project with the 10-meter Keck I Telescope to observe the stellar, gaseous, metal, dust, and black hole content of ~1500 galaxies when the Universe was 1.5 to 4.5 billion years old.

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