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Alex Krolewski



Research Interests

cosmology, quasars, large surveys, galaxy formation and evolution


I'm a grad student working on cosmology with Martin White and Simone Ferraro at UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.  My primary project is measuring cross-correlations between infrared galaxies from the unWISE catalog and CMB lensing from Planck.  unWISE is the largest extant galaxy catalog, with 500 million galaxies out to z=2. These cross-correlations will allow us to make a tomographic measurement of sigma8, thereby constraining cosmology and the growth of structure.  I'm also working on understanding quasar halo occupation with the thermal Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect; and algorithms for accelerating computation of the nonlinear scale.

In the past, I've worked on galaxy alignments in the cosmic web, and IGM tomography to probe the small-scale z~2 universe.  I maintain involvement in the CLAMATO IGM tomography survey on Keck-1/LRIS.

You can view a list of my publications here.



The COSMOS Lyman-Alpha Mapping And Tomography Observations (CLAMATO) survey will use the LRIS spectrograph on Keck-I to observe the Lyman-alpha forest of neutral hydrogen absorption in …

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