Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQ’s regarding our Graduate Program please visit our Student Services page.


Can I tour the department?

Requests for tours of the department are considered on a case-by-case basis. To make a request, please email To learn more about the UC Berkeley campus, we recommend signing up for a campus tour through Visitor Services. We also suggest checking our Department Events page, as we regularly list public events and opportunities to come explore the department.

What observatories are open to the public?

 You can find a list of public resources here.

Are the talks open to the public?

Attendance for our talks and Colloquiums is not wholly restricted, but please note that the content is aimed towards those currently conducting research in the department. We recommend looking to our events page for all event listings to find more information about campus-sponsored public lectures (such as the Science@Cal series).

I’d like an Astronomer to give a talk at our school/fundraiser/club.

 Please email your request to

How can I submit a media/interview/taping request?

 You can direct all media requests to Please provide as many specific details as possible (e.g., time, format, intended use of material, etc.).

I have self-written and self-compiled materials I want to send to the department (or a specific department member): How do I submit them?

The department does not accept unsolicited materials.

I have materials/property I wish to rent and/or sell to the department. Who do I contact to advertise and/or arrange the transaction?

The department is unable to rent or purchase unsolicited materials nor is it able to provide advertisements for third party goods, products, or property. 

I just found what I think is a meteor/comet debris/moon rock. Can I bring it in for confirmation?

The Astronomy department does not provide official specimen identification. We suggest contacting Mare Meteoritics or shipping the specimen to New England Meteoritical. Please do NOT bring anything directly to the department!

Who can help me with my questions about Astrology?

Unfortunately, the department’s research scope does not include Astrology and we are not able to answer questions pertaining to this topic.

How do I make a donation to the department?

We are sincerely grateful for your interest and support! To make a donation, please visit our Give to Cal page, or you may send a check, payable to “UC Regents” to:

Department Manager
University of California, Berkeley
Department of Astronomy
501 Campbell Hall, MC 3411
Berkeley, CA 94720-3411

For more information on supporting the Department of Astronomy,  contact Maria Hjelm, Director, Development & College Relations at (510) 643-7819 or email