About Berkeley

There are many perks to enrolling at Berkeley: You get to work and learn alongside a faculty comprised of Nobel lauraetes, Fulbright Scholars, recipients of the National Medal of Science and members of the National Academy of Sciences (just a few examples of the many notable achievements of which our faculty are known). You get to study at one of the most highly ranked institutions in the world. You receive access to a seemingly endless list of resources. Most importantly, you get to join a richly diverse community looking to challenge themselves intellectually with the goal of making an everlasting impact on the world.


It is safe to say that UC Berkeley students are never bored; when they are not studying or conducting research of their own they can be seen:


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The city of Berkeley has so much to offer it is nearly impossible to experience it in a single weekend. Berkeley is home to a food scene that would satisfy even the most discerning palate, a variety of retail destinations featuring numerous beloved local business ranging from upscale boutiques to electic vintage stores, record shops, and book stores (including Amoeba, Rasputin, and Moe’s on Telegraph), and gorgeous, timeless structures designed by a long list of notable figures that include Bernard Maybeck, Julia Morgan, Frederick Law Olmsted, Charles Moore and Joseph Esherick. Numerous theatres, museums, venues, and cafes offer a long list of ways to take in live performances and see rare films and footage.

Although an urban locale, Berkeley is perfect for anyone looking to get close to nature. Beautiful Tilden Park features both robust and casual hiking and biking trails through it’s 2,079 acres; it is also home to the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, one of many tranquil and family-friendly spots. You can take in views that showcase the city and beyond at Grizzly Peak or Indian Rock, two of many parks and natural destinations located in Berkeley.



The Bay Area is vast and incredibly activite; people who have lived here their entire lives are still finding new things to do and see. If you are in the mood to explore beyond campus, San Francisco and Oakland are just minutes away for the typical Berkeley student. Due to the close proximity of Silicon Valley, students are able to intern at companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and other tech-focused businesses while attending Berkeley (not to mention the numerous start-ups scattered around the Bay). The Bay Area is home to a large, diverse, and active population of people looking to share their cultures and experiences in efforts to maintain that unique community feel in each city and town you visit. In addition, the Bay Area has numerous resources available for Astronomers and Astronomy-enthusiasts.

Living the Bay also means proximity to numerous beaches and parks such as Muir Woods, a must visit for any Star Wars fan and just one of several state parks within reach: Our mediterranean climate means outdoor activities are a must! Yosemite and Tahoe make great weekend trips, especially for those who crave snow and snow-related activities during Winter. Napa and Sonoma are a short drive from Campus, as well as Monterey Bay and Carmel. Ultimately, whatever type of environment you are looking for is never more than a short drive away.