UNEX and Summer Sessions

UC Berkeley Extension and Summer Sessions are great ways to enroll in Astronomy courses without formal admission into the University. The Department offers a number of courses eligible for these programs; please read through the following for more information.

For a list of Astronomy courses please visit our Courses page. For general campus course information please visit the Course Schedule page.

UC Berkeley Extension (UNEX)

UC Berkeley Extension allows students to enroll concurrently in courses offered through the University during the Fall and Spring semesters without formal admission into the university; It is a great way to focus and study specific topics, earn credits, and satisfy prerequisites for graduate schools. Qualified high-school students are also able to enroll in courses through UC Berkeley Extension. Please visit the UC Berkeley Extension Concurrent Enrollment page for more information. If you are an international student interested in attending Astronomy courses through UC Berkeley extension, please visit their International Student information page.

Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions Courses offered through UC Berkeley are open to everyone including current UC Berkeley students, international students, high school students, transfers, and members of the community. For information on how to register for Summer Sessions Astronomy courses, please visit the Summer Sessions registration page

Previous Summer Courses

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Arrow of Time (Astro 9)

Students will explore the development of complexity in the universe on scales as small as subatomic particles to scales as large as the entire universe. Topics may include the creation of everything from the expansion of the universe, the synthesis of elements from the detritus of the Big Bang, their collection into planets, and the subsequent development of complex life. 

Introduction to General Astronomy (Astro 10)

A description of modern astronomy with emphasis on the structure and evolution of stars, galaxies, and the Universe. Additional topics optionally discussed include quasars, pulsars, black holes, and extraterrestrial communication, etc. Individual instructor’s synopses available from the department.

The Planets (Astro 12)

A tour of the mysteries and inner workings of our solar system. This course will introduce basic physics, chemistry, and math to understand planets, moons, rings, comets, asteroids, atmospheres, and oceans. Understanding other worlds will help us save our own planet and help us understand our place in the universe.