Black hole at center of swirling new women-in-science mural

July 1, 2021

Professor Ma paints on a mural Black hole expert Chung-Pei Ma, center, painting the supermassive black hole at the center of Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya’s new women-in-science mural, Horizon Light, last Wednesday in San Carlos, California. The mural draws from Ma’s research, which has shown that supermassive black holes sit in the cores of most galaxies and can have masses equivalent to billions of our suns. The mural, the third of 10 Phingbodhipakkiya plans to paint nationwide, honors women scientists of color. The artist depicts jets of material coming from the black hole, and a halo of hot gas clouds (white bubbles) orbiting the black hole. (Photo courtesy of Ethan Michon)


Professor Chung-Pei Ma contributed to the creation of a mural celebrating women in STEM.  Ma worked with artist/scientist Amanda Phingbodhikpakkiya to depict a black hole in the mural.

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