• The Planets

    Astro C12 | EPS C12, L&S C70T

    CCN: 05936

    Time & Location:

    Th 11-12P, 121 CAMPBELL


    3 (NOTE: Students will receive no credit for C12 after taking N12, W12, Earth and Planetary Sciences N12, or W12).

    A tour of the mysteries and inner workings of our solar system. What are planets made of? Why do they orbit the sun the way they do? How do planets form, and what are they made of? Why do some bizarre moons have oceans, volcanoes, and ice floes? What makes the Earth hospitable for life? Is the Earth a common type of planet or some cosmic quirk? This course will introduce basic physics, chemistry, and math to understand planets, moons, rings, comets, asteroids, atmospheres, and oceans. Understanding other worlds will help us save our own planet and help us understand our place in the universe.