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The Department of Astronomy believes in the importance of engaging with our local communities and is currently working to develop new programs to facilitate these efforts. We aim to invest in the next generation of Astronomers by:

  • Creating informational tools and materials with the intent to aide in the understanding of Astronomy-related concepts and topics.
  • Providing more interactive, face-to-face opportunities for those whom otherwise would not have ready access to the various types of resources in our employ.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide a launching pad for those who possess a curiosity in our field of study and to encourage the burgenoning interests of individuals of all ages.

While we work diligently to make these plans a reality, we invite you to visit our events page and explore our list of Local Resources to find Astronomy related groups and locations around the Bay Area. 

If you are an instructor or event organizer overseeing Astronomy or science-based conferences, lectures, or hands-on camps, courses, or units and would like to inquire about volunteers from the department, please contact our Outreach group; we are happy to speak with you!

Outreach Resources

Astro Night 

Astro Night is a free stargazing and lecture event open to the public. Members of the public are invited to take part in guided stargazings using our fleet of telescopes, including our 17-inch telescope located in our roof-top observatory, in addition to attending a lecture from one of our many researchers.
Contact: UCBastronight@gmail.com


Bay Area Scientists Inspiring Students

CRS program that provides free, in-class science lessons led by diverse, enthusiastic scientists and engineers who volunteer their time to inspire students to envision themselves as scientists, to engage students in hands-on, inquiry based learning experiences, and to help teachers discover ways to make science interactive and fun!
Contact: Eli Wiston (ewiston@berkeley.edu)


Science Ambassadors 

CRS program that pairs a scientist with an elementary-school classroom. Over the course of a semester, the scientist meets with the class multiple times to teach a science lesson, inspire students with their own story, and have students teach them about a science project.
Contact: Eli Wiston (ewiston@berkeley.edu)


Kits Cubed STEM Fair  

Held at Oakland Technical High School, the fair features a wide range of STEM booths to introduce Oakland youth to the wonders of science. Berkeley Astro runs a table of astronomy demos aimed at elementary school students. 
Contact: Natasha Abrams (nsabrams@berkeley.edu

Be a Scientist 

UC Berkeley graduate students, post-docs, and 3rd/4th year undergraduates serve as STEM role models for 7th graders in the Berkeley community as they design, carry out, and report on their own independent scientific investigations.
Contact: Aaron Ewall-Wice (aaronew@berkeley.edu)


Caminos de la Ciencia

Ciencia en Cal invita a científicos e investigadores de la Universidad de California, Berkeley a compartir su inspiración y entusiasmo por la ciencia con nuestra comunidad.


Bay Area Science Festival

The Bay Area Science Festival is Northern California’s largest education event, bringing together STEM role models, families, youth and adults to experience the wonder of science.
Contact: Natasha Abrams (nsabrams@berkeley.edu


Cal Day 

U.C. Berkeley’s annual open house extravaganza. The astronomy department hosts activities in virtual reality, roasts marshmallows with sunlight, and observes the sun with specialized telescopes.
Contact: Natasha Abrams (nsabrams@berkeley.edu



Free online course for training students with the basic tools needed to begin working in astronomy and astrophysics research.
Contact: Howard Isaacson (hisaacson@berkeley.edu)