Questions About Exoplanets

Occasionally there is some coverage in the media about the continuing discovery of planets around other star systems in the Milky Way, through the work of the Kepler telescope, and other initiatives. Is there a place on the web I can go to, to check what the latest thinking on all of this work is? I’m thinking of an up to date record of things like numbers of candidate habitable planets discovered, where they are, stuff like that.

I am glad you are enthusiastic about keeping up with exoplanet discoveries!  

You can check the Kepler website for tables of the Kepler Mission’s discoveries: (note: not accessible during the U.S. government shutdown).  The table links to the relevant science papers.

In general, you can find information about confirmed planets and planet candidates from the Kepler Mission and other studies here: (the most comprehensive and specific about status of planet confirmation, but a little difficult to use) (rigorous in only including confirmed planets, and easy to use) (less rigorous than, but more up-to-date, also easy to use).