Astronomy Colloquium

The Astronomy Colloquium is a highlighted event featuring a guest speaker each week during the semester. 

Fall 2023 Schedule

Day and Time: Thursdays at 3:30 pm 
Location: Physics, Building 1
Colloquium Chair: Wenbin Lu (Fall 2023)

Date Speaker (Institution) Title  Host

Lorenzo Sironi (Columbia)

Fast and Furious: Reconnection-Powered Emission in Black Hole Jets and Coronae
Wenbin Lu
09/07 Vikram Ravi (Caltech) The Deep Synoptic Array: The Origins of Fast Radio Bursts Aaron Parsons
09/14 Ting Li (Toronto) The Power of Milky Way’s Stellar Streams Enabled by Multi-Object Spectroscopic Surveys Jessica Lu
09/21   CANCELED  
09/28 Maria Drout (Toronto) The Evolution, Influence, and Ultimate Fate of Massive Stars: Transient Phenomena and Stellar Astrophysics in the Era of Wide-Field Surveys  Raf Margutti
10/05 Masaru Shibata (AEI) Exploring Neutron-Star Mergers in Numerical Relativity Dan Kasen
10/12 Allyson Sheffield (CUNY/LaGuardia Community College) OER and Astronomy Education Jessica Lu
10/19 Megan Newcombe (U Maryland) Efficient Degassing of Early-Formed Planetesimals Restricted Water Delivery to Earth Penny Wieser (EPS)
10/26 Luke Kelley (Berkeley) TBA Raf Margutti
11/02 Kate Alexander (Arizona) TBA Raf Margutti
11/09 Ewan Douglas (Arizona) TBA Jessica Lu
11/16 Karin Sandstrom (UCSD) TBA Chris McKee
11/23 Thanksgiving Break  N/A N/A
11/30 Erik Petigura (UCLA) TBA Eugene Chiang