Astronomy Colloquium

The Astronomy Colloquium is a highlighted event featuring a guest speaker each week during the semester. 

Spring 2022

Day and Time: Thursdays at 3:30 pm 
Location: 1 Physics North
Colloquium Chair: Ryan Chornock (Spring 2022)

Upcoming Colloquium Schedule

Below is the Spring 2022 schedule; if you have any questions, please contact the speaker’s host, or the colloquium chair.

Date Speaker (Institution) Title  Host

Nils Deppe (Caltech)

Keeping Up With Experimentalists: Accurate
predictions for multimessenger gravitational
wave astrophysics
Eugene Chiang

Masha Okounkova (Flatiron Institute)

Gravitational wave astronomy: putting Einstein to the test
Chung-Pei Ma
2/17 Maya Fishback Astrophysical Lessons from LIGO-Virgo’s Black Holes  Jessica Lu
2/24 Jane Huang Observational Frontiers in Planet Formation Aaron Parsons
3/3 Seiji Fujimoto Linking visible and obscured sides of the early universe Dan Weisz
3/10 Guðmundur Stefánsson Pathways to Detecting and Characterizing Rocky Habitable Planets David Schlegel
3/17 Wenbin Lu (UC Berkeley) EM/GW Emission from White Dwarf Tidal Capture TBD
3/24 Spring Break  No Colloquium TBD
3/31 Miles Cranmer Interpretable Machine Learning for Science Bruce Buffett
4/7 Vanessa Böhm (UC Berkeley) Machine Learning for Astrophysical Data Analysis Dan Kasen
4/14 Rodrigo Luger TBD Raffaella Margutti
4/21 Cancelled N/A N/A
4/28 Cancelled N/A N/A
5/5 Ned Molter (UC Berkeley) The Uranus & Neptune Systems: Living Fossils of Planet Formation Josh Bloom
5/5 Philipp Kempski (UC Berkeley) Cosmic Rays in Galaxies and Clusters Josh Bloom