Cosmology Seminar

Tue, October 24, 2017

(Cosmology/ BCCP) 

Phil Bull, UCB 
Campbell 131 
Cosmological tests of gravity with radio telescopes 
GR is astoundingly well-tested in the small-scale, weak-field limit, and constraints in the strong field limit are not far behind thanks to recent gravitational wave and binary pulsar observations. The cosmological regime remains a viable, well-motivated hiding place for possible deviations from GR though. I discuss how radio telescopes are particularly well-suited to the task of determining the nature of gravity on cosmological scales. As well as constraining background expansion at high redshift and providing new ways of measuring the weak lensing signal, radio surveys will be able to make the first practical measurements of clustering at the Hubble scale at late times. I will also describe several novel observational strategies that will make these measurements possible, and discuss how they can be supported experimentally.