Cosmology Seminar

Tue, October 03, 2017

1:10 pm (Cosmology/ BCCP) 
Alexandra Amon, Edinburgh 
Campbell 131 
Weak Lensing with the ESO Kilo-Degree Survey 
The Kilo Degree Survey, (KiDS) is an ongoing weak lensing survey that will span 1500 square degrees, on completion, in nine optical-NIR bands. I will summarize the recent cosmology results from our analysis of the first third of the survey area, and detail an important test for the robustness of our weak lensing analysis, where I compare our fiducial high-quality KiDS multi-band dataset with 815 square degrees of the overlapping, shallower KiDS i-band-only survey. I will conclude by presenting a new test of General Relativity, measuring the "gravitational slip" statistic, E_G, in a joint analysis of KiDS with the same-sky spectroscopic surveys; BOSS and the recently completed 2dF Lensing Survey.