Research & Special Study Courses

ASTRON 199: Supervised Independent Study and Research

Students doing research with an astronomy faculty member can enroll in 1-3 units of research under Astron 199.

  • offered in fall, spring and summer

ASTRON H195: Special Study for Honors Candidates

Individual project of research or study for seniors eligible for astrophysics honors. 2 semesters of Astron H195 is required.

  • offered in fall and spring
  • honors requirements: 1) be entering your senior year; 2) maintain at least a 3.5 major GPA; 3) maintain at least a 3.3 overall GPA
    • Candidates for graduation with honors in Astrophysics are required to take 4 units of ASTRON H195 (2 units first senior semester, 2 units second senior semester) and carry out an individual research or study project. If you are doing research, you must find a faculty member to be your research supervisor who will also grade your written report. If you choose to do a study project, the project is chosen in consultation with an astro faculty member and they will also grade your written report. If you meet the requirements, please send an email to with the approval from the research/project supervisor requesting enrollment in H195. Please note that H195 units will not count as a part of the 30 UD units requirement (24 units for double majors).