Webb telescope discovers intense jet stream in Jupiter’s atmosphere

October 19, 2023

Wind 3D bare_v2_1600x_4be1fe09 fcbf 4c18 8d0c a47433346416 prv Near-infrared observations of Jupiter by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (background) revealed previously unsuspected high-elevation winds (red arrows) akin to Earth's jet stream in a narrow zone above the equator. These winds flow at nearly twice the speed of the winds in the visible cloud layer (blue arrows) 20 miles below, as measured by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope. M.H. Wong, UC Berkeley; R. Hueso, University of the Basque Country; NASA; ESA; CSA; STScI; I. de Pater, UC Berkeley; T. Fouchet, Observatory of Paris; L. Fletcher, University of Leicester

University of California, Berkeley astronomers are part of a team that used NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to discover a fast-moving jet stream in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

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