Department Lunch Talk

The Department Lunch Talks are a weekly internal series featuring three 20 minute talks by mainly local scientists, including the scheduled astronomy colloquium speaker.  Subjects often include personal scientific research, reports on other work appearing in journals, education and public outreach efforts, science policy, and professional development issues.

Day and Time: Thursdays at 12:30
Location: 131 Campbell Hall
Organizers: Paul Kalas

Department Lunch Talk Schedule

 Below is the Fall 2016 schedule; if you have any questions, please contact

Sept 1
  • Bonnie Buratti, JPL, (colloquium speaker) "Landing on a Comet"
  • Mike Belyaev, UCB, “Negative Energy Waves and Disk Oscillations”
  • Ned Molter, UCB, "Isotopic Ratios in Nitrile Species on Titan using ALMA"
Sept 8
  • Sean Couch, Michigan (colloquium speaker) "Nuclear Burps and Belches"
  • Kareem El-Badry, UCB "The effects of setllar feedback-driven outflows"
  • Tanmoy Laskar, UCB “Reverse Shocks in Gamma-ray"
Sept 15
  • Freeke van de Voort, UCB  (colloquium speaker) "My First Observations: what causes the low star formation efficiency in dusty early-type galaxies?"
  • 2016 Climate Survey Discussion
Sept 22
  • Mike Brown, CalTech (colloquium speaker), “Hyper Suprime-Cam and the Composition of the Outer Solar System”
  • Jessica Lu, UCB, “Modeling astrometric microlensing by stellar mass black holes"
  • Moshe Elitzur, UCB, “The AGN as a Protostar”
Sept 29
  • Joop Schaye, Leiden (colloquium speaker) "Adaptive mesh simulations of disk galaxies"
  • Camilla Pacifici, GFSC "The evolution of the start formation histories of galaxies"
  • Barak Zakay, Weizmann Institute "Detecting pulsars in tight binary systems using observations with integration times longers than an orbital period"
Oct 6
  • Hans-Walther Rix, MPI (colloquium speaker) "How little data do you need to find all the RR Lyrae stars in the galaxy?"
  • Susan Kassin, STSI "The intimate connection between galaxies and large scale structure"
  • Ryan Trainor, UCB "Photoionization modeling of z=2-3 dwarf galaxies"
Oct 13
  • Marijn Franx, Leiden (colloquium speaker) "Using cumulative number density and other tools to trace galaxy formation"
  • Sean Ressler, UCB "Electrifying GRMHD simulations of the galactic center"
  • Guillermo Barro, UCB "The making of massive ellipticals"
Oct 20
  • Peter Nugent, UCB, "Discovery of a strongly gravitationally lensed supernova from the Palomar Transient Factor"
  • Josh Dillon, UCB, "Modeling Noise Bias and How Not to Calibrate a 21cm Interferometer"
  • Melanie Veale, UCB, "The stellar kinematics of MASSIVE galaxies"
Oct 27
  • Shirley Ho, LBL (colloquium speaker) "Likelihood free data analysis?"
  • Lindsay Oldham, Cambridge University, "Super-resolving red nuggets"
  • Drummond Fielding, UCB, "K.I.S.S. (or a stripped down approach to solving the CGM puzzles)"
Nov 3
  • Kevin Covey, U. W. Washington (colloquium speaker) "Stellar properties, kinematics, and star formation histories throughout the Orion complex: the APOGEE-2 YSO survey"
  • Nicholas McConnell, Herzberg Institute, "The Devil's cookbook: stellar populations in the centers of massive early-type galaxies"
  • Mariska Kriek, UCB, "A population II Massive Quiescent Galaxy at z=2.1"
Nov 10
  • Alberto Bolatto, U. Maryland (colloquium speaker) "The ISM pressure in atomic-dominated regions of galaxies based on KINGIFSH observations"
  • Peter Behroozi, UCB, " Using Empirical Models to Understand Galaxy Formation"
  • Abigail Polin, UCB, "Modelling Explosions of Sub-Chan-drasekhar Mass White Dwarfs"
Nov 17
  • Boylan-Kolchin, U. Texas (colloquium speaker)
  • Pat Kelly, UCB
  • Abigal Polin, UCB
Dec 1
  • Alexie Leauthaud, UCSC (colloquium speaker)
  • Luke Kelley, Harvard
  • Hannah Klion, UCB
  • TBD - TBD
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