Testing Gravity using Galaxy Redshift Surveys and CMB

Tue, October 06, 2015

Cosmology seminar event image

The Redshift Space Distortions (RSD) in galaxy redshift surveys can probe the local dynamics at a given epoch of galaxy. I will discuss how redshift can help us learn the local dynamics and hence measure the nature of gravity at the epoch of the galaxy. I will show results from our recent analysis of SDSS-III high redshift sample (CMASS). I will then talk about combining similar RSD measurements from various other surveys to learn more about cosmology and modified gravity. I will show some of the current best constraints we have obtained for popular modified gravity models. I will end with a discussion on combining these measurements with CMB lensing in order to probe gravity to better precision and earlier time. I will also show the very first measurement of combining Planck CMB lensing and SDSS CMASS redshift space clustering.