Declaring the Astrophysics Major or Minor

Lower Division Courses to Complete Before Declaring

The lower-division requirements for declaring the Astrophysics major or minor are:

  • Math 1A/1B
  • Math 53/54*
  • Physics 7A/B/C or Physics 5A, 5B/5BL, 5C/5CL

The lower-division courses highly recommended but not required are:

  • Astro 7A & Astro 7B
  • Astro 98 (Python DeCal)
    • or Data 8 CS 61A/Physics 77/Physics 88

All required prerequisites need to be taken for a letter grade, with a minimum GPA of 2.0. We require a C- or better in all our lower prerequisite classes.

* Please note: Physics 89 is a requirement for the physics major (replaces Math 54). Therefore, students who are planning a double major or a minor with Astrophysics and Physics are required to complete Physics 89 in lieu of Math 54.  

Steps to Officially Declare

Once you have decided to declare the Astrophysics major and have completed the courses listed above you will need to do the following:

Declaring as Single Major

To declare as a single major, please email

Declaring as Double/Triple Major

To declare Astrophysics as part of a double/triple major, complete the Double Major Declaration Form and email the form to

 Advisors in both major departments must sign the form.

After obtaining signatures from each advisor, you are required to send the petition to to review your plans.

Declaring the Astrophysics Minor

After completing the required lower division courses, fill out the Completion of L&S Minor form and email the form to

Undergraduate Advising

The Department of Astronomy’s Undergraduate Advisor, is available to answer your questions about the Astrophysics major and other undergraduate matters. Send an email if you are ready to declare!


Office: 501 Campbell Hall
Advising: Please use CalCentral to make an appointment with Brianna!


Undergraduate FAQs

Prospective and current students! Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here: FAQs

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