Declaring the Astrophysics Major or Minor

Courses to Complete Before Declaring

The lower-division requirements for declaring the Astrophysics major or minor are:

  • Math 1A/1B
  • Math 53/54*
  • Physics 7A/B/C or Physics 5A, 5B/5BL, 5C/5CL

The lower-division courses highly recommended but not required are:

  • Astro 7A/7B
  • Astro 98 (Python DeCal)
  • Data 8 CS 61A/Physics 77/Physics 88

All required prerequisites need to be taken for a letter grade, with a minimum GPA of 2.0. We require a C- or better in all our lower prerequisite classes.

* Please note: Physics 89 is a requirement for the physics major (replaces Math 54). Therefore, students who are planning a double major or a minor with Astrophysics and Physics are required to complete Physics 89 in lieu of Math 54.  We highly recommend that transfer students who are considering a double major with physics, take Phys 89 during the summer before they start at Berkeley (if possible based on your conditions of admission – please check with your admissions advisor).  However, if you have taken a Math 54 equivalent before transferring into Berkeley, you may take Phys 89 pass/no pass.

Steps to Officially Declare

Once you have decided to declare the Astrophysics major and have completed the courses listed above you will need to do the following (please note that this is a brief overview and full major declaration info can be found on the L&S Advising Website):

Declaring as Single Major

To declare as a single major, please make an appointment with Brianna Franklin through CalCentral to review course plans and requirements.

Declaring as Double/Triple Major

To declare Astrophysics as part of a double/triple major, make an appointment with Brianna Franklin through Calcentral and complete the Double Major Declaration Form. Advisers in both major departments must sign the form.

Currently the form only has space to list two majors; if you are declaring three majors make sure you still write in the third.

After obtaining signatures from each adviser you are required to send the petition to to review your plans.

College of Letters and Sciences (L&S)

Please visit the College of L&S Homepage for contact information and more information pertaining to the declaration of majors and advising.

Declaring the Astrophysics Minor

After completing the required courses (or during the completion of the final required course) for the minor please fill out the Completion of L&S Minor form and make an appointment with Brianna Franklin through CalCentral to review course plans and requirements.


After officially declaring, make sure you contact Mark Hayden to ensure you have access to the Undergrad Lab and to get added to the mailing list!

Obtaining Access to the Undergrad Lab

To obtain access to the lab, please visit the Astronomy front desk (located in 501 Campbell Hall) and fill out the Undergraduate Access Request form and the Undergraduate Lab Agreement form. When access is approved, it may take anywhere between one day to one week for  you to be programmed. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues with access please email Mark Hayden


  • If you are enrolled in a lab you should expect an email at the beginning of the semester outlining programming procedures.
  • Officially declared Astrophysics majors will have access throughout the entirety of their time as Undergraduates.