Undergraduate Resources

Video from SES-B depicting their weather balloon launch on Pi Day 2015!


Undergraduate Advising

Major Advisor

Brianna Franklin, the Department of Astronomy’s Undergraduate Advisor, is available to answer your questions about the Astrophysics major and other undergraduate matters.

Email: bfranklin@berkeley.edu
Office: 501 Campbell Hall
Advising: Please use CalCentral to make an appointment or come to drop-in advising on Fridays from 2-3pm

Ask questions via our Advising Discord

Join our prospective mailing list: prospective+subscribe@astro.berkeley.edu

Faculty Advisors

Eugene Chiang and Courtney Dressing are the Department of Astronomy’s Undergraduate Faculty Advisors. They are available to assist with issues that arise during your time as an undergraduate student in the Astrophysics program; they are also a great resource for explanations pertaining to the content of courses.

Email: echiang@astro.berkeley.edudressing@berkeley.edu 

Drop-In Advising: Eugene – Fridays 9:30-10:30am (CH 355); Courtney – Tuesdays 1-2pm (CH 355)

Peer Advisors

Astronomy Peer Advisors are current Astrophysics that are here to answer your questions about the major and the department in general. You can connect with the Astronomy Peer Advisors on our Advising Discord or during drop-in advising hours along with Brianna, Eugene, or Courtney.

Fall ’22 Astronomy Peer Advisors: Joanna Hardesty & Sam Paplanus


Other Resources

BADU – Berkeley Astronomy Department Undergraduate Wiki

An undergraduate resource maintained by students and provides perspectives, suggestions, and helpful tips to assist you during your time as an Astrophysics major.

Undergraduate Lab

 The David D. Cudaback Undergraduate Lab is located in 541 Campbell Hall and is available for use by all Astrophysics majors and students enrolled in labs. 

Undergraduate Research Space

 The Undergraduate Research Space (URS), located in 525 Campbell, is work space reserved for undergraduates who are working on research projects alongside our faculty and researchers. 

Remote Observing Rooms

Our Remote Observing Rooms, located in the lobby of Campbell Hall, are spaces reserved for students and researchers conducting remote observing work through Keck and Lick Observatory. As at other UC sites, the remote observing facilities provide a comfortable environment to conduct your Keck and Lick observations with all of the convenience of staying in Berkeley.

KAIT Research Lab

Located at Lick Observatory atop Mount Hamilton, just east of San Jose, California, the Katzman Automatic Imaging Telescope (KAIT) is an entirely robotic telescope dedicated to the search for supernovae and the monitoring of celestial objects. It is a 76 cm diameter reflecting telescope equipped with a CCD camera and automatic guider . Students are able to utilize KAIT from the KAIT Research Lab located in 525 Campbell Hall.


Downloadable Resources (pdfs)

Guide to Undergraduate Study

An overview of the Astrophysics major and minor programs.

Survey of Initial Employment for Astronomy Degrees

This survey provides an overview of initial employment for students who entered the workforce after having received a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or PhD degree in the study of Astronomy.

Lab Safety – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

This document outlines UC policy regarding required personal protective equipment in all labs on UC campuses. This must be provided to all students and individuals who will be working in labs in Campbell Hall.

Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement

This form is required of all Undergraduate students participating in an off-campus trip for any Astronomy courses; students who are minors must have their parents signature and approval. 

Undergraduate FAQs

Prospective and current students! Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions here: FAQs

Still have questions? Reach out to undergraduate advisor, Brianna Franklin, at bfranklin@berkeley.edu

Berkeley CalTeach

CalTeach is a K-12 teaching credentials program designed to complement a conventional major program in science, math, or engineering. In addition to the one-semester on-site apprenticeship, there are just a few courses required to complete the credential and certification. 

Undergraduate Astronomy Society

The Undergraduate Astronomy Society (UAS) is an organization of astrophysics majors dedicated to creating a strong sense of community among undergraduates in the Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley. We provide resources for success and help students to become more involved with departmental activities.

Student Groups

Additional Resources