Noyce Award

  • Prof. Quataert wins Noyce Prize for Teaching Excellence

    April 1, 2010

    Professor Eliot Quataert has been awarded the 2010 Noyce Prize. The Donald Sterling Noyce Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is given annually to a faculty member in the physical sciences who has demonstrated excellence in undergraduate teaching, including curriculum development. Congratulations!

  • James Graham Awarded 2007 Noyce Award

    May 1, 2007

      James Graham was honored this month with the Noyce Award which recognizes excellence in undergraduate teaching and curriculum development by a tenure-track faculty member in the physical sciences. He has taught undergraduates at Cal for more than a decade and is well known for his work in the undergraduate optical and infrared laboratory. Lauren Anderson, a junior astronomy major commented on Dr. Graham's teaching style: "In most of my classes, I listen to a lecture, then take an exam," she said. "But Prof. Graham's style of teaching is radically different. His enthusiasm and encouragement of participation creates an environment…