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Portrait of Gibor Basri

Gibor Basri
Professor of Astronomy

PhD 1979 (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Campus address and phone:
651 Campbell Hall
(510) 642-7294



Specialty areas:
Stellar Magnetic Activity, Star Formation, Very Low-Mass Stars, Brown Dwarfs, High Resolution Spectroscopy, Radiative Transfer, Planetary Systems

Research projects:

Professor Basri's work has included aspects of star formation, concentrating on accretion disks, young stars, and the star-disk interaction. He was a pioneer in the study of brown dwarfs, particularly the lithium test and physical parameters of substellar objects. On all these objects he studies magnetic fields and activity and angular momentum evolution. He is a Co-Investigator on NASA's Kepler mission, which should discover extrasolar terrestrial planets and characterize inner planetary systems. He is an expert on high resolution spectroscopy and the extraction of physical information from spectra. He has done extensive work on diversity issues in science and science education.


GB grew up in Ft. Collins, Colorado. He got his BSc in Physics at Stanford University, and PhD in Astrophysics at Boulder, CO. A Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship brought him to Berkeley in 1979. He joined the faculty in 1982, received tenure in 1987, and became a full professor in 1994. He was awarded a Miller Research Professorship in 1997, and became a Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer in 2000. He received the Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence in 2006. GB is married, with one son.