Astronomy Postdocs


Peter Behroozi

Photo of Peter Behroozi

Hubble Fellow working on galaxy and black hole formation. 

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Mikhail Belyaev

Photo of Mikhail Belyaev

TAC fellow at UC Berkeley, working on angular momentum transport in accretion disks and boundary layers and the physics of pulsar magnetospheres.

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Simone Ferraro

Photo of Simone Ferraro

PhD in Astrophysical Sciences, Princeton University MS in Physics, University of Chicago BA, MSci, University of Cambridge

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Rebecca Jensen-Clem

Photo of Rebecca Jensen-Clem

I'm a Miller Fellow working on exoplanet detection and characterization. Currently, I'm searching for polarized thermal emission from directly imaged exoplanets and …

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Tanmoy Laskar

Photo of Tanmoy Laskar

I recently completed my PhD in Astronomy from Harvard University, where I worked with Edo Berger studying the progenitors and environments of long-duration …

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Adrian Liu

Photo of Adrian Liu

I grew up in Hong Kong, living there through the end of high school. From 2002 to 2006, I was an undergraduate at Princeton University, graduating with a Bachelor's degree …

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Davide Martizzi

Photo of Davide Martizzi

I am a research fellow funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation and I study the physical processes that determine the formation and evolution of galaxies and galaxy …

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Philipp Moesta

Photo of Philipp Moesta

I am a NASA Einstein fellow at UC Berkeley. I am interested in the engines of extreme core-collapse supernovae (type Ic-bl, superluminous, GRB-SN) and the electromagnetic …

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Zachary Slepian

Photo of Zachary Slepian

Born by the seashore in Connecticut, I went to public high school, college at Princeton, a year in England obtaining a Master's degree in philosophy of physics at Oxford, …

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Marcel van Daalen

Photo of Marcel van Daalen

I am a TAC Fellow working at both UC Berkeley's astronomy department and the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. I'm interested in the formation of galaxies and the …

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Chris White

Photo of Chris White

I am a postdoc specializing in simulations of accretion flows onto black holes. I received my bachelor's degree in physics and mathematics (Caltech, 2011), and my Ph.D. in …

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