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Portrait of Geoffrey Bower

Geoffrey Bower
Assistant Professor of Astronomy

PhD 1997 (University of California, Berkeley)

Campus address and phone:
621 Campbell Hall
(510) 643-4704



Specialty areas:
Transient radio sources, black holes, radio instrumentation and techniques

Research projects:

I am interested in the transient and variable Universe, the kinds of sources that vary, and how we can use them to learn about a wide range of problems. The types sources that I have studied include galactic stellar-mass black holes, massive black holes including the one in the Galactic Center, supernovae, pulsars, T Tauri stars, and dwarf stars. This type of science is fundamentally multi-wavelength although my specialty is in radio astronomy techniques. I have projects involving a wide range of telescopes operating at radio, optical, and high energy wavelengths. I have been deeply involved in design, construction, and testing of the new Allen Telescope Array, which is poised to become the dominant telescope for the discovery of radio transients.


Bower received his A.B. in Physics from Princeton University in 1991, his M.A. in Astronomy from UC Berkeley in 1994, and his Ph.D. from Berkeley in 1997.