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Portrait of Eugene Chiang

Eugene Chiang
Professor of Astronomy
Professor of Earth and Planetary Science

PhD 2000 (California Institute of Technology)

Campus address and phone:
601 Campbell Hall
(510) 642-2131



Specialty areas:
Astronomy, Theoretical Astrophysics, Dynamics, Planetary Systems, Protoplanetary and Debris Disks, Kuiper Belt, Order-of-Magnitude Physics

Research projects:

Theoretical astrophysics, with an emphasis on understanding the origin of planetary systems. Interests include protoplanetary disks; extrasolar planets; debris disks, including the Kuiper belt; and planetesimal and planet formation.


Eugene Chiang received his undergraduate degree in physics from MIT in 1995, and his PhD in astronomy from Caltech in 2000. He teaches a variety of classes in the Astronomy Department, ranging from introductory astrophysics for undergraduate majors, to fluid mechanics and radiative processes for graduate students, to graduate seminars on galactic and planetary dynamics. The most challenging and most rewarding class he teaches is order-of-magnitude physics, in which the class tries to estimate any quantity under the sun to within a factor of 10.