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Portrait of Raymond Jeanloz

Raymond Jeanloz
Professor of Astronomy
Professor of Earth and Planetary Science

PhD 1979 (California Institute of Technology)

Campus address and phone:
491 McCone Hall
(510) 642-2639



Specialty areas:
Constitution and evolution of planetary interiors, and properties of materials at high pressures and temperatures; science education and policy.

Research projects:

Raymond Jeanloz' group studies the properties of materials at high pressures and temperatures through a combination of static (diamond-anvil cell) and dynamic (shock-wave) experiments, as well as condensed-matter theory, documenting the changes in chemical-bonding properties induced by pressure.  LBNL's Advanced Light Source synchrotron offers unique opportunities for characterizing materials at planetary-interior conditions.  Current work involves using large laser facilities to generate shock waves through samples already at high pressure, inside a diamond cell, in order to re-create Gigabar pressures relevant to the interiors of super-giant planets.

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After completing his Ph. D., Raymond Jeanloz was on the faculty of Harvard University and then moved to UC Berkeley.  In addition to research and teaching, he has been an adviser to the University and to the U.S. Government in areas of resources and environment as well as national and international security.