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Portrait of Uros Seljak

Uros Seljak
Professor of Astronomy
Professor of Physics

PhD 1995 (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Campus address and phone:
551 Campbell Hall
441 Old Le Conte Hall
(510) 666-2627



Specialty areas:
Theoretical, observational and numerical astrophysics and cosmology: large scale structure of the universe, cosmic microwave background, dark matter and dark energy, cosmological simulations

Research projects:

I am a theoretical cosmologist by training but much of my recent work has been focused on how to extract fundamental properties of our universe from cosmological observations. Among the questions we can attempt to answer through observations are: How did the universe began and what mechanism seeded the initial structures in the universe? How did the universe evolve to the present state? What is the composition of the universe? What is the nature of dark matter and dark energy? How massive are neutrinos and what is the number of neutrino families? What is the future fate of the universe?


Prof. Seljak received his B.S. in 1989 and M.S. in 1991 from Ljubljana University, Slovenia, and his PhD in 1995 from MIT. He was a Smithsonian Fellow at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics from 1995 to 1998. Subsequently he served as a faculty at Princeton University (1999-2006), ICTP Trieste (2005-2007) and Zurich University (2006-present). He joined Berkeley astronomy faculty in 2008, jointly appointed with physics and LBNL.