Recent Graduates

Francesca Fornasini

Photo of Francesca Fornasini

I'm a sixth year graduate student working with John Tomsick and Mariska Kriek on high-mass X-ray binaries.  I really enjoy teaching and doing public outreach.

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Garrett Keating

Photo of Garrett Keating

I am former graduate student (graduated 2016). My thesis work consisted of measuring the molecular gas contents of "normal", Milky Way-like galaxies in the early …

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Erik Petigura

Photo of Erik Petigura

I’m a fifth-year graduate student in the Astronomy department at the University of California, Berkeley. I have always been fascinated by planets around other suns. …

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Lauren Weiss

Photo of Lauren Weiss

I am the Ken & Gloria Levy Graduate Student Fellow at UC Berkeley.  I work with Geoff Marcy to find and characterize planets around stars other than the sun.  Our …

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