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Graduate Students

All offices are in Campbell Hall unless noted.  Clickable names link to web pages.

Name Office Phone E-Mail
Zaki Ali 461B
Jennifer Barnes 302D
Kaylan Burleigh 401D
Carina Cheng 461A
Katherine de Kleer 307D
Drummond Fielding 407D
Francesca Fornasini 301B
Danny Goldstein 307B
Nick Hand 302A
Chelsea Harris 605F
Lea Hirsch 605J
Ryan Janish 363A
Garrett Karto Keating 461C
Daniel Lecoanet 407B
Aaron Lee 402F 642-6022
Eve Lee 605K
James McBride 363C
Tushar Mittal 605M
Jessie Nims 501T-C
Erik Petigura 501T-D
Sedona Price 301A
Nathaniel Roth 363B
Dominic Ryan 302E
Josiah Schwab 401B
Isaac Shivvers 207A
Casey Stark 307A
Mai Truong 407A
Dyas Utomo 301C
Melanie Veale 363D
Jason Wang 501T-A
Lauren Weiss 605G
Yunfan Zhang 302F
Tom Zick 302C