Welcome to the Astronomy Department at Berkeley

Welcome to the Astronomy Department at Berkeley! We wish you all the best insettling in here and hope your time with us will be productive!
We have put together this website for everyone to view and to introduce themselves to all of our new incoming Grads and Faculty for 2008.

1. What's your name?

David Whysong

    2. Where were you working most recently?

National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Socorro, New Mexico

    3. Are you here as a student, postdoc, faculty member, researcher,
    admin, or in some other capacity?


    4. Are you working closely with a particular group (CIPS, RAL, TAC,
    ...) and / or on a particular fellowship (Miller, Einstein, NSF, ...)?


    5. If you're a student or postdoc, who is your faculty mentor? If
    you're faculty or staff, is there someone with whom you'll be working

Geoff Bower

    6. Which office are you sitting in?


    7. Tell us (in 2 or 3 sentences) a little about what you'll be
    working on at Berkeley.

I work for the SKA Technology Development Program, specializing in high-fidelity imaging and calibration for next-generation radio synthesis telescope arrays.

    8. Anything else (in 2 or 3 sentences) you'd like to tell us about
    yourself, your interests, your family, etc.?