Welcome to the Astronomy Department at Berkeley

Name > 1. What's your name?

Michael (Mike) Kuhlen

 > 2. Where were you working most recently?

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton

> 3. Are you here as a student, postdoc, faculty member, researcher, admin, or in some other capacity?


> 4. Are you working closely with a particular group (CIPS,RAL, TAC, ...) and / or on a particular fellowship (Miller, Einstein, NSF, ...)?


> 5. If you're a student or postdoc, who is your faculty mentor? If you're faculty or staff, is there someone with whom you'll be working closely?


> 6. Which office are you sitting in?
Campbell 413

> 7. Tell us (in 2 or 3 sentences) a little about what you'll be working on at Berkeley.

I'm using cosmological numerical simulations to investigate the formation of the Milky Way and its satellite galaxies, and the implications of abundant dark matter substructure on direct and indirect detection experiments.

 > 8. Anything else (in 2 or 3 sentences) you'd like to tell us about yourself, your interests, your family, etc.?

I love being back in California! I'm enjoying Berkeley's great restaurants and coffee shops, and although it seems a bit too far from the ocean to get back into surfing, I'm excited about biking the hills, sailing the Bay, hiking and skiing the Sierra Nevada, and all the other outdoor activities around here.