Welcome to the Astronomy Department at Berkeley

Welcome to the Astronomy Department at Berkeley! We wish you all the best insettling in here and hope your time with us will be productive!
We have put together this website for everyone to view and to introduce themselves to all of our new incoming Grads and Faculty for 2008.

Phil Hopkins Phil Hopkins
ChatChat Hull
Chris KleinChristopher Klein
SloaneSloane Wiktorowicz
Jonathan PoberJonathan Pober
Matt GeorgeMatt George
kbundyKevin Bundy
XylarXylar Asay-Davis
VViscomiVincent Viscomi
Mike McCourtMike McCourt
Sara Newman
ergrthAndrew Siemion
Daniel Perley
 Pak Shing Li
Jeffrey Silverman
Jesse Leaman
Case Law
Bethany CobbsBethany Cobbs
David Whysong