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Deepthi Gorthi

Deepthi Gorthi


Final year graduate student

Short Resume

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Research Interests

  • Radio Astronomy Instrumentation
  • Calibration Algorithms for FFT Correlators
  • Digital Signal Processing

Personal Interests

Political Comedy, Board Games, Debate, Calvin and Hobbes


I am final year graduate student, working with Dr. Aaron Parsons on the correlator pipelines for current and future generation radio telescopes. The Hydrogen Epoch of Reionization Array (HERA) is a radio interferometer currently being built in South Africa, for measuring the power spectrum of the red-shifted 21cm neutral hydrogen signal. I spent a major part of my graduate school on building the correlator pipeline for this 350 antenna array. You can find a detailed description of this work on my Github website.

I am also working on calibration algorithms for the next generation of correlators that might be built for arrays with more than 10,000 elements. More details of this work are available in this publication.

Before graduate school, I went to Birla Institute of Technology and Science in the remote college town of Pilani in Rajasthan. There, in addition to developing liberal views, I obtained a double degree in Electronics Engineering and Physics. This mixture of courses drew me to instrumentation for radio astronomy and I did numerous small projects in this domain throughout undergrad. I spent the summer after my junior year in Germany, working on an instrument for the Effelsberg Radio Telescope on the DAAD scholarship program. For my final year thesis, I worked on upgrading the Ooty Radio Telescope to a digital system. To this measure, I wrote a software, Intel IPP based, polyphase filterbank and file writing pipeline.