Recent Graduates

Kaylan Burleigh

Photo of Kaylan Burleigh

As a PhD student at UC Berkeley in observational cosmology, I develop scalable pipelines to automatically detect galaxies in terabytes of multi-color imaging data. My team has …

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Katherine de Kleer

Photo of Katherine de Kleer

I am a PhD candidate in the Astronomy Department at the University of California, Berkeley. My research focuses on characterizing active processes on planets and satellites in …

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Danny Goldstein

Photo of Danny Goldstein

I am a fifth-year graduate student in the Astronomy Department at UC Berkeley. My research areas are supernovae, cosmology, and gravitational lensing. I hang out …

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Eve Lee

Photo of Eve Lee

I'm a fifth year graduate student in astronomy working with Professor Eugene Chiang on theoretical studies of planet formation. Some of my research topics include the …

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Jason Wang

Photo of Jason Wang

I'm a graduate student working on the Gemini Planet Imager (GPI) and the GPI Exoplanet Survey with James Graham to discover new exoplanets. I'm studying both debris …

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