Jorge Martínez-Palomera

Postdoctoral Scholar

207 Campbell Hall





Home Institution:

Universidad de Chile

Ph.D. in Astronomy

Research Interests

My research interests are in time-domain astronomy and the use of Artificial Intelligence tools such as Machine Learning algorithms to solve astronomical problems. More specifically: the classification of astronomical variable sources based on time series data; deep learning models to analyze, classify, and generate data; and online systems to access, store, annotate and classify astronomical alerts in the ZTF and LSST era. I'm also interested in Black Hole demography, more in details the missing link between stellar and supermassive black holes (SMBH), the so-called Intermediate-Mass Black Holes (IMBH).

Personal Interests

My personal interest aside from astronomy are: mountain bike with an emphasis in enduro and downhill trails mostly recreational but with some awesome experiences racing; photography with a particular inclination for astrophotography and landscapes (see my Flickr). I love beers especially Belgian style and IPAs, and Chilean wines (Carmenere).


I was born in Los Andes, Chile. I conducted my middle and high school studies at the Instituto Chacabuco (Marist Brothers). Then I moved to Santiago de Chile to complete my undergrad studies at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Universidad de Chile. I obtained my B.Sc. in Astronomy in 2014. I obtain a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the same institution at the Astronomy Department in 2018. During my Ph.D. I was a scholar visitor at the Insitute for Applied Computational Science (IACS) at Harvard University for 4 months. At the end of 2018, I moved to Berkeley, CA, to start my first postdoctoral position at the Astronomy Department of the University of California at Berkeley. I'm currently a member of Prof. Josh Bloom's Lab advocated to apply ML tools to astronomical challenges.