Melvyn Wright

Research Interests

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Research – Black Holes, Massive Star Formation and Aperture Synthesis

Aperture Synthesis images of Black Holes and high mass prostars. Bh have accretion disks and drive powerl outflows or jets.

Recent research: Observations of the Black hole in M87, and the high mass prostar in Orion KL.
Observations in the 1980’s with students at Berkeley and Caltech using the Hat Creek and OVRO millimeter arrays.

Over the years we helped to develop the technology leading to ALMA and Event Horizon Telescopes. Event Horizon Telescope

Teaching – Summer Schools and Student Mentoring

Schools at Hat Creek, BIMA, and CARMA Observatories over 25 years.

Research Opportunities

Recent images of high mass star formation from ALMA and JVLA telescopes, are available for more detailed analysis.