Graduate Students


Nathan Sandford


I am a sixth year graduate student in the Department of Astronomy at UC Berkeley. My research broadly focuses on the evolution of low-mass galaxies. Specifically, I study the resolved stellar populations of dwarf galaxies in our cosmic neighborhood, the Local Group, using space-based and large ground-based telescopes. I employ both stellar and galactic evolution models in order to interpret these observations and constrain the key physical processes that govern galaxy evolution over cosmic time. My work is primarily advised by Prof. Dan Weisz

I graduated from Pomona College in 2017 with a BA in Physics and a concentration in Astronomy. While at Pomona College I worked with Dr. Yu Lu at the Carnegie Observatories to study how galactic feedback affects radial metal distributions in disc galaxies using a semi-analytic model for galaxy evolution.

I grew up in Santa Clara, CA and am excited to be back in the Bay. In addition to astronomy, I love picking up new hobbies! These currently include: cooking, D&D, and chess.