Current Graduate Students


Nathan Sandford


I am a second year graduate student in the Department of Astronomy at UC Berkeley. I have a deep love for galaxies, big and small, and am particularly interested in how they form and evolve over cosmic timescales. I currently work with Dr. Dan Weisz on the chemical evolution of dwarf galaxies.

I graduated from Pomona College in 2017 with a BA in Physics and a concentration in Astronomy. While at Pomona College I worked with Dr. Yu Lu at the Carnegie Observatories to study how galactic feedback affects radial metal distributions in disc galaxies using a semi-analytic model for galaxy evolution.

I grew up in Santa Clara, CA and am excited to return to the Bay. In addition to astronomy, I love picking up new hobbies! These currently include: flailing around on the tennis court, gardening, cooking, and building IKEA furniture.