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Sean Ressler

Research Interests

Very broadly, I am interested in constructing more self-consistent and predictive models for black hole accretion.  I have worked on modelling the hydrodynamics and the emission from radiatively inefficient accretion flows around low-luminosity active galactic nuclei using two-temperature General Relativistic Magnetohydrodynamic simulations.  Recently, I have been performing large-scale simulations of accretion onto Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole in the galactic center, via the winds of the nearby orbitting Wolf-Rayet stars.

Personal Interests

I enjoy exploring new combinations of food through cooking and eating.  My biggest contribution to the department is being a founding member of FACT (Friday Afternoon Cheese Time), and I spend a non-negligible fraction of my paychecks (when I recieve them) at Cheeseboard.   I adhere to the philosophy that humor is not created, it is discovered, and that the discoverer has the obligation to share it with the rest of mankind.  I take this obligation very seriously.  I am also infamous for going on long walks.


I was born in Philadelphia and am obnoxiously proud of it.  I got my undergraduate degree at N.C. State University and was strongly encouraged to go to Berkeley by Stephen Reynolds, my undergraduate research advisor who earned his PhD under Chris McKee here at UCB.