Simone Ferraro

Senior Scientist, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Building 50A, office 5104C at LBNL and 341 New Campbell Hall



Research Interests

I am an astrophysicist and cosmologist interested in many aspect of CMB and the evolution of the Large Scale Structure. My research spans from the very early Universe to the epoch of reionization and galaxy formation. I use advanced statistical techniques, and a combination of theory and experimental data to help uncover the physics of the early Universe, the nature of Dark Matter and Dark Energy and the properties of neutrinos.

See my webpage for more information, and please get in touch if you are looking for a research project!


I am a Senior Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Lab and a senior member of the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP). Previously I was a Miller and BCCP Fellow in the department of Astronomy at Berkeley. I completed my PhD in Astrophysics at Princeton and I was an undergraduate at Cambridge and a masters’ student at the University of Chicago.