Astronomy Graduate Courses • Fall 2018

  • High Energy Astrophysics

    Astron C254

    CCN: 34082

    Instructor: Josh Bloom

    Basic physics of high energy radiation processes in an astrophysics environment. Cosmic ray production and propagation. Applications selected from pulsars, x-ray sources, supernovae, interstellar medium, extragalactic radio sources, quasars, and big-bang cosmologies.


  • Introduction to Current Research

    Astron 290A

    CCN: 20764

    Instructor: Jessica Lu

    In addition to introducing first-year graduate students and anyone interested to research opportunities with Astronomy faculty and research staff, this class discusses a wide variety of "meta" topics, e.g., how to choose a research advisor, what constitutes a competitive PhD thesis, and standards for ethical behavior in the workplace. Nuts-and-bolts topics such as good programming practices and popular software tools…


  • Solar System Astrophysics

    Astron C249

    CCN: 26058

    Instructor: Courtney Dressing

    The physical foundations of planetary sciences. Topics include planetary interiors and surfaces, planetary atmospheres and magnetospheres, and smaller bodies in our solar system. The physical processes at work are developed in some detail, and an evolutionary picture for our solar system, and each class of objects, is developed. Some discussion of other (potential) planetary systems is also included.