Astronomy Graduate Courses • Spring 2015

  • Interstellar Matter

    Astro 216

    CCN: 06053

    Instructor: James Graham

    A survey of the observational data and theoretical ideas on the interstellar medium, with emphasis on the inferred physical conditions.


  • This course will provide an introduction to Unix targeting shell scripting, makefiles, compilers, revision control systems, etc., and the working environment on an HPC system at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC). Students will be given accounts at NERSC in order to gain experience running a variety of current parallel codes in astrophysics and handling both the resultant…


  • Astronomers encounter a series of ethical dilemmas during their careers that need to be resolved correctly if the integrity of the field is to be preserved. The goal of this graduate seminar is to sharpen ethical reasoning, knowledge, awareness and commitment by providing a fundamental background in responsible conduct as a scientist. Topics covered: Research Misconduct, Data management, Peer review,…


  • Introduction to Current Research

    Astro 290B

    CCN: 06065

    Instructor: Imke de Pater

    Continuation of 290A. Study of a research topic with an individual staff member.