Astronomy Graduate Courses • Fall 2020

  • Radiation Processes in Astronomy

    Astron C207

    CCN: 21217

    Instructor: Aaron Parsons

    An introduction to the basic physics of astronomy and astrophysics at the graduate level. Principles of energy transfer by radiation. Elements of classical and quantum theory of photon emission; bremsstrahlung, cyclotron and synchrotron radiation. Compton scattering, atomic, molecular and nuclear electromagnetic transitions. Collisional excitation of atoms, molecules and nuclei.  


  • Cosmology

    Astro C290C

    CCN: 13088

    Instructor: Martin White

    Weekly seminar on research in cosmology, typically featuring outside speakers.


  • Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar

    ASTRON C285

    CCN: 21211

    The study of theoretical astrophysics.


  • Introduction to Current Research

    ASTRON 290A

    CCN: 22710

    Instructor: Eugene Chiang

    Study of a research topic with an individual staff member.


  • Planetary Science Seminar

    ASTRON C292

    CCN: 21210

    Instructor: Burkhard Militzer

    The departments of Astronomy and Earth and Planetary Science offer a joint research seminar in advanced topics in planetary science, featuring speakers drawn from graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty, and visiting scholars. Topics will span planetary interiors; surface morphology; atmospheres; dynamics; planet formation; and astrobiology. Speakers will vary from semester to semester. Meetings will be held once a week for…


  • Instruction Techniques in General Astronomy

    ASTRON 375


  • Seminar

    ASTRON 292