Astronomy Graduate Courses • Spring 2017

  • Order of Magnitude Astrophysics

    Astro 250

    CCN: 13192

    Instructor: Jessica Lu

    This course will introduce you to order-­of-­magnitude estimation, the practice of solving complex problems approximately, within a factor of 10. In this course, you will learn how to estimate solutions by breaking problems into smaller pieces, making intelligent approximations and assumptions, mostly using knowledge you already have. You will also learn how to exercise your order-of-magnitude skills in practical astronomy…


  • Introduction to Current Research

    Astro 290B

    CCN: 13196

    Instructor: Eugene Chiang

    Survey of research currently being performed in the Department or the University.


  • Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics

    Astro C202 | Physics C202

    CCN: 13187

    Instructor: Chung-Pei Ma

    Principles of gas dynamics, self-gravitating fluids, magnetohydrodynamics and elementary kinetic theory. Aspects of convection, fluid oscillations, linear instabilities, spiral density waves, shock waves, turbulence, accretion disks, stellar winds, and jets.


  • Astrophysical Techniques

    Astro 203

    CCN: 13188

    Instructor: James Graham

    Introduction to the flow of astronomical signals through telescope optics and into detectors; subsequent calibration, deconvolution of instrumental artifacts, and analysis. A broad wavelength approach is maintained with focus on shared fundamental concepts. Students "adopt a wavelength band" for assignments and presentations. Analysis and simulation of astronomical signals, noise, and errors.


  • This course will provide an introduction to High Performance Computing at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) for astrophysicists. The course will teach students how to use Unix, shell scripting, makefiles, compilers, revision control systems, etc., on a cutting edge HPC system. Students will be given accounts at NERSC in order to gain experience running a variety of…