Senate Faculty


Martin White

Professor of Physics, Astronomy (he/him/his)

303 Campbell Hall


Specialty areas

Astrophysics, Cosmology, Large-scale structure, Theoretical cosmology; dark matter and energy; galaxy and structure formation; black holes; gravitational lensing; cosmic microwave background.

Research Interests

My interest centers around the question of the formation of galaxies and structure in the universe. How did it originate, what were the forces responsible for making it what it is today and what can it teach us about the universe? I am particularly interested in using cosmology to test General Relativity, to learn about the nature of the dark energy believed to be causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate, and in the formation and evolution of galaxies and large-scale structure.



Lead:Martin White

The COSMOS Lyman-Alpha Mapping And Tomography Observations (CLAMATO) survey will use the LRIS spectrograph on Keck-I to observe the Lyman-alpha forest of neutral hydrogen absorption in closely-spaced quasars and galaxies.  This will allow us to create an unprecedented map of the cosmic...



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